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The area of cotton planting in Aksu area increased and the yield per unit decreased year-on-year

Recently, the Southern Xinjiang delegation organized by the Central Reserve Cotton Information Center and Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange came to Aksu area for field investigation. This year, the cotton planting area in Aksu area totaled 7,521,600 mu, compared with 7,291,800 mu last year, an increase of 229,800 mu, an increase of 229,800 mu. 3.15%.

It is understood that the Aksu region is the largest cotton-producing area in Xinjiang. The main cotton-growing areas are Kuqa County, Xinhe County and Shaya County, which can account for 70% of the output of the entire Aksu region. The cotton planting area in Kuqa County in 2017 is expected to reach 1.2 million mu, an increase of nearly 20% year-on-year. However, this year's cotton was severely affected during the planting period, mainly due to two typhoons and rainfall, which led to a much lower seedling germination rate than last year, which may lead to a decline in unit yields.

The planting area in Xinhe area is about 980,000 mu this year. Last year, the planting area was 968,000 mu, an increase of 10,000-20,000 mu, an increase of about 1.2%, of which 50,000 mu of machine-picked cotton. This year's cotton germination is poor. The germination rate of the batch sown at the end of March is 50%, and the germination rate of the batch sown in early April is 70%. At present, replanting has been carried out. The overall growth of cotton is not as good as last year, with 3 buds. / plant or so.


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