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【Flowing water delivery】 Two large professional warehouses, 4,000 square meters of storage capacity, more than ten trucks of various types, cooperation with many transportation companies, 24-hour uninterrupted delivery, faster and more convenient.
【Sample Showroom】 There is a sample showroom with complete specifications of grey fabrics and fabrics, which can not only meet the needs of customers for on-site selection, but also can be delivered at the estimated time and ordered according to samples. There are thousands of finished sample fabrics in stock, which can improve the speed of sample viewing and proofing, and save the process of setting, weaving, dyeing and lofting.

【Excellent quality】 Strict quality control system, professional quality inspection personnel and technology, each variety has the German standard higher than the national standard, strict quality control, responsible for customers, and respected by the market...


De Laili, Strength Witness

De Laili Textile is committed to creating a spot platform for grey fabrics mainly made of cotton and polyester-cotton, and extending to a spot platform for fabrics and bedding. Develop a new business model for supermarket stores in this industry, and launch network marketing services and a convenient and fast one-click search function for products. De Laili Textile is a real spot platform...

2004 Year


328 W

Registered capital of 328w


4000㎡ storage capacity


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