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The difference between hotel linen and home textile hotel supplies

Hotel linen pays attention to the control of the internal quality of the product. In terms of quality, due to the need to adapt to frequent industrial washing, the hotel linen pays more attention to the internal quality indicators of the product, such as quality deviation, breaking strength, water absorption, color fastness to washing and durability. Color fastness to rubbing is one of the basic indicators to ensure the performance of new-level tourist hotel textiles.

Home textiles mainly focus on the appearance of flowers and colors. Compared with home textiles, hotel linens have the following characteristics:

1. Towel products have relatively high square gram weight, more texture, better bulkiness and water absorption.

2. The color is mainly plain, the color tone is more single than that of home textiles, and the pursuit of simplicity and atmosphere.

3. Fabric products have high yarn count, high density, finer production, superior softness, and better skin contact comfort.

4. The quality of the fillings for quilt pillows is high, focusing on resilience, environmental protection and dust control to ensure pollution-free sleep.

5. The dyeing process is in line with the strict environmental protection index testing of the National Tourism Hotel Association. The materials used are more sophisticated, and the environmental protection of the dyes is paid more attention to ensure the non-polluting of the products in contact with the skin.


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