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How to do a good job in room linen dehumidification and mildew prevention strategy?

1. How to prevent hotel bedding from getting wet?

1. Keep the hotel room dry

In the room, you can use limestone, charcoal or moisture absorption box to absorb moisture, pack it in a small cloth bag and put it in every corner of the room to keep the air dry, use it for a period of time and then replace the dry material. Especially in rainy weather, it is necessary to dry the room well. To make the guest room ventilated, the time must be accurately grasped. Noon is a good time to open the windows for ventilation.

2. Regularly dry hotel bedding

After the bedding has been used continuously for a period of time, it should be placed in the sun or in a ventilated place to dry according to the characteristics of the bedding fabric and filling. After the rainy season, pay attention to the humidity of the bedding. Drying in the sun can dry the bedding and make the bedding soft and fluffy.

2. How to prevent hotel bedding from getting moldy?

1. Remove the source

If mildew has appeared on the floor and home in the room, you can wipe it with alcohol or a special mildew remover, or clean it with diluted bleach, so as to remove the mold spots that have formed. Pay attention to wearing plastic gloves and Face mask. Wooden furniture such as wardrobes should be wiped clean with a dry paper towel or a dry brush. After cleaning the moldy area, blow it dry with a fan, and place a desiccant whenever it is good to absorb the moisture. gas. If the linen between the linen is moldy, you must find a washing manufacturer for washing, and determine whether to replace the linen according to the washing situation.

2. Change the environment


When the air humidity exceeds 60%, the mold starts to multiply. Once it reaches 80%, the reproduction is more rapid. Therefore, if the mold is found, the humidity should be controlled at about 40%. There are usually two ways to dehumidify:

(1) Adsorption method, such as placing desiccant, moisture-absorbing box, moisture-absorbing agent, moisture-absorbing stick, etc. in the corner of the room, and covering the floor with old newspapers to prevent moisture and absorb moisture;

(2) Mechanical method, using the functions of dehumidifiers, air conditioners and other electrical appliances to achieve rapid dehumidification.

②Clean up

In humid days, especially the cleaning staff must be cleaned with a dry cloth or dry mop after cleaning the furniture, floors, bathrooms, etc. After wiping, you can quickly dry it with a fan or air conditioner, or mop the floor with warm salt water. It can also cause the floor to dry quickly.


Ventilation depending on the weather. If the room is humid and cold, you should open the windows to ventilate and keep the home space dry. However, in the case of returning to the south or a rainy day with high humidity, it is necessary to close the doors and windows tightly, and then use tools such as the dehumidification function of the air conditioner to achieve the effect of dehumidification. It is good to regularly check the corners of the house that are easily overlooked, such as walls, ceilings, potted plants, etc. If you find signs of mold, take measures as soon as possible.


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