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The reason why the hotel linen puts 4 pillows

The ancients said "sit back and relax", but modern medicine believes that a pillow that is too high or too low is not good for the cervical spine, and the wrong position will cause problems. There are still many people who are accustomed to not using pillows. When sleeping, their heads will be tilted back, and the pressure on the cervical spine is twice as high as that when they are tilted forward. In the long run, problems will definitely occur.

How to properly cushion the pillow during sleep is very important, the pillow must be cushioned to the neck. You can test yourself. When lying down, if the lower part of the chin is facing the sky, it means that the pillow is too low. If the chin is pressed down, that is, the pillow is too high, and the chin should be kept horizontal, which is a comfortable and correct pillow height.

Sleep accounts for one-third of your life, and your posture cannot be careless. Some parents think that if their children sleep on a hard bed, the bones will grow upright. In fact, the flesh on the hips, waist and shoulders of the human body is somewhat different. The hard bed will make the body curve not stick to the bed surface, so that you cannot relax and rest, uncomfortable and unhealthy.


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